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Our story

I started Bre & Co. as a project to make a few unique watches as gold medals of friendship, appreciation, and admiration for a special people in my life.

Working on these gifts filled me with gratitude. I wanted to enlarge the project to make watches so other people could also give them, for gifts or to mark personal achievements. We expanded from watches to pens, pocket knives, jewelry and ceramics.

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In an industrialized, commoditized and consumerized world, we're on a mission to make meaningful things.

I spent the last two years asking everyone I knew about things they own that are meaningful in their lives. The answers surprised me. I learned that our things become most valuable when they have stories that connect us to those we love. Our valued things connect us to each other.

We hope that when people use the things we make – from watches to pens, pocket knives, ceramics and jewelry – that they are reminded of how much they are appreciated and recognized.

Our new Origami line features products that are faceted and inspired by folded paper origami, supercars of the 1980’s, and the triangles of Buckminster Fuller’s geometric domes. These products are elegant, clean, and geometric. We want our unique designs to inspire people to ask you about your Bre and Co. gift so you can tell its story.

Bre Pettis