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Cameo Pendant

This gift is custom made and will ship in about two weeks.

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Made with sterling silver, Polyjet RGD810 photopolymer, and sapphire crystal.

Design and Craftsmanship

Designed by combining the aesthetics of cameos and lithophanes from the 1800s with advanced manufacturing


The Bre & Co. Cameo Pendant is 3/4" in diameter and hangs from a 24" sterling silver chain


Gift Story

At first glance, the Bre & Co. Cameo Pendant appears to be opaque. However, when held up to the light, a photograph of your choosing is revealed. Like the original cameo necklaces of the 1800s. This is the perfect way to keep the image of a loved one near to you at all times.

To make this precious keepsake, we combine traditional craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing. First, the porthole-shaped frame is cast using lost wax casting, and then the lithophane image is printed on a high resolution 3D printer. We sandwich the 3D image between two layers of transparent sapphire crystal to make this a special keepsake.

The Bre & Co. Cameo Pendant is part of the Shackleton line of Bre & Co. Products. It is crafted from sterling silver and has a Polyjet RGD810 photopolymer lithophane component inside and encased in clear sapphire for strength. Comes with a 24" sterling silver chain and a micro tag at the clasp that can be customized using laser engraving with up to 3 characters for the recipient's initials.