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Fora Pendant

This gift is custom made and will ship in about two weeks.

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Sterling Silver and Polyjet RGD810 Photopolymer

Design Inspiration

Inspired by Italian blown glass techniques and amphora ceramic pottery containers


Pendant is 24mm from top to bottom and 10mm in diameter. Comes with a 30" sterling silver chain and a personalized tag at the clasp.


Gift Story

The Bre & Co. Fora Pendant is a beautiful clear photopolymer dew drop with geometric shapes suspended inside, inspired by Italian glass-blowing techniques and executed with advanced multi-material 3D printing and post-processing craftwork. The shape brings to mind the classic form of ancient Greek amphora vessel. A faceted sterling silver geometric bail connects it to a 30” sterling silver chain. This pendant is simple in appearance, but is fabricated with a highly complex production technique and then polished laboriously by hand. It is available in four styles, each beautiful in a unique way. There are four variants of the Bre & Co. Fora Pendant.

Cube: The cube variant has two nested cubes (six-sided shape) inside the dew drop.

Octahedron: The octahedron variant has two nested octahedrons (eight-sided shape) inside the dew drop.

Dodecahedron: The dodecahedron variant has two nested dodecahedrons (twelve-sided shape) inside the dew drop.

Icosahedron: The icosahedron variant has two nested icosahedrons (twenty-sided shape) inside the dew drop.

The Bre & Co. Fora Pendant is made of Polyjet RGD810 photopolymer and has a sterling silver bail with a hand brushed finish. It comes with a 30" sterling silver chain and a micro tag at the clasp that can be laser-engraved with up to three characters.