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Origami Pen

This gift is custom made and will ship in about two weeks.

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Made from 316L stainless steel

Pen cartridge

Readily available Muji gel ink cartridges


Comes with a beautiful display case milled from century old maple that was reclaimed from Thomas Edison's factory floorboards.

Size and Weight

Length is 139mm and weight is 2.5oz/70g.





Gift Story

The Bre & Co. Origami Pen is currently out of stock, we will be making more in the new year.

The Bre & Co. Origami Pen combines beauty and functionality in a sleek and geometric design. The bead-blasted stainless steel feels great in your pocket as well as in your hand and allows for a smooth grip and effortless use. The weight of the pen contributes to an overall sensation of solidity, and can help folks with a jittery hand write more smoothly. The inside of the pen is as thoughtfully constructed as the shell. We use the Muji gel pen cartridge, which, in our tests, has the best smooth-flowing ink.

The goal of the Bre & Co. Origami Pen is to become an extension of your hand and your feelings. Whether you’re using it to draw a masterpiece, write the next great novel, or pen your signature on the most significant documents in your life, having your Bre & Co. pen in your pocket can be a reminder of your power and your ability to express yourself.

Designed with the same aesthetic parameters found in the Bre & Co. Origami Watch, the Bre & Co. Origami Pen finds inspiration in the folded paper shapes of super cars of the 1980s, Japanese folded paper, and the triangles that make up modern digital model designs.

Burger and Brown in Kansas City is our machining partner and their commitment to precision and high tolerance machining of this pen is obvious. Machinists will note that the threading has been executed in such a way that when you twist the cap closed, the facets of the cap match the facets of the body, a non-trivial machining accomplishment.

Made of 316L stainless steel the Bre & Co. Origami Pen is made to last lifetimes and could also be used to break the windows out if the owner is ever in the position of being in a car sinking into water.

The pen can be personalized with a three letter laser-engraved monogram above the ergonomic finger rest.