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Origami Sake Set

This gift is custom made and will ship in about two weeks.

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Glazed stoneware 


3D printed ceramics


Packaged in bubble wrap to get to you safely


Gift Story

The Bre & Co. Sake Set contains a tall, slim bottle and trio of cups. The design of this set reflects the geometric aesthetic found in the Origami line of products. The hexagonal footprint, consistent throughout this set, allows the three cups and bottle to fit together like cells in a honeycomb. That hexagonal shape is echoed in the ergonomic thumb rests on each bottle and cup, giving the user a satisfying grip while pouring and drinking. The bottle holds 150 ml of sake and the cups hold 50 ml, perfect for three friends to share a drink together.

This product was designed through an exploratory process. After going through dozens of iterative designs, we have finally found a product that we love, and we hope you do, too.

The process of 3D printing our ceramic pieces with a Lutum machine which gives our sake set a very unique texture, and the crisp horizontal lines give an interesting surface effect. Our glaze, rootbeer-brown with running blue highlights throughout, is completely lead-free and dinnerware-safe. Please hand wash.