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Origami Teapot

This gift is custom made and will ship in about two weeks.

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Black Porcelain 

Design Inspiration

Inspired by the facets of diamonds, this origami styled piece looks beautiful in sunlight





Gift Story

The Bre & Co. Origami Teapot is a piece of exquisite craftsmanship. The elegant faceted design, emblematic of the origami line of products, looks delicate enough to truly be folded out of paper, and the facets appear diamond-like when held up to the light.

The process of making tea, as simple as it is, can be transformed into a special daily ritual with the right teapot. This teapot has been designed with hydro-dynamics in mind, which means a clean pour without drips every time.

This teapot was traditionally slip cast and laboriously finished by hand locally by a Brooklyn ceramic artist, Michiko Shimada. The initial design and model were designed in CAD and then 3D printed by our in-house designers. It is made out of black porcelain and glazed with a food-safe and lead-free clear glaze on the interior, leaving the exterior raw black porcelain.

The best teapots never get washed, only rinsed occasionally. But if you do wash this teapot, do it by hand in the sink.

The Bre & Co. Origami Teapot holds 4 cups of liquid, preferably tea.