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Carbon Origami Watch

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This gift is custom made and will ship in about 80 days.

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Carbon fiber case, sapphire crystal, nitrile PVC rubber strap


Eterna 3909A


Walnut wood display case made from reclaimed lumber.




Gift Story

The Bre & Co. Carbon Origami Watch has a case made of machined carbon fiber. Machining from solid blocks of carbon fiber results in beautiful tiger stripes on the side of the case and a weightless feeling on the wrist.

Embedded in the back of the watch is a one-half-ounce American eagle liberty gold coin. It is embedded using the same kind of gasket that holds the sapphire crystal in place and the coin should only be removed in an emergency. The gold coin, always touching your skin and never revealed to the rest of the world, is your secret. Lady Liberty on one side of the coin and a family of eagles on the other represent strength, courage, camaraderie, and compassion.

At 3.4 ounces, the Bre & Co. Carbon Origami Watch is half the weight of the stainless steel Origami Watch. Bre worked with Tool Inc. for the concept design of the watch and the first stage of engineering. Inspired by the folded paper designs found in the supercars of the 1980s, the facets on the Bre & Co. Origami watch reflect a passion for origami-like constructs and resiliency in design.

Burger and Brown in Kansas City is our machining partner and their commitment to precision and high tolerance machining is apparent in the fit and finish of the case. Inside the watch is a resilient Eterna 3909A movement.

The crown was machined to our specifications by the Swiss company Pibore. The watch strap is heat molded by Stern Rubber in Minnesota. The Bre & Co. watch strap has been thoughtfully designed to be durable and comfortable.

Assembled in our workshop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Edition of 99. Currently available for pre-order and shipping in 2017.